Monday, October 19, 2009

Im not playing hard to get, Im just playing hard to get.

Today has been the worst. I know this is not a blog for whining, but i really want to just whine. 
First of all i hate school so much, I never used to hate school, and I had really high expectations for senior year and it turns out it's actually way worse than all the other years. I am going to be so happy to leave. I got accepted to the University of Iowa, which is good news. Now i just have to not fail any classes, like Econ. I'm supposed to read 47 pages for of "Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad for AP lit tomo. It's so boring. It's about a sailor and his ship problems, as if thats something I could relate to. I must be having lady time soon because I'm just having so many emotions. I signed this petition on facebook about all the dolphin killings in Africa (are there even dolphins in africa? i don't think so...) and read a little about the rest of my causes and just started crying. I'm so lame. 
I recently regained a friend, thats a plus I guess, but considering how many I've lost it doesn't seem that significant. I really miss my college friends. College must really change a person. I got this faux fur vest that I really like, thats good too. I had coffee with Grandma today, overall it sucked, but she had a few funny lines. She was talking about H1N1, but kept calling it HIV1. Ha! y'know, like AIDs, nothing is funnier than AIDs.  
I got in a really big fight with my mom. That seems to bother me more than anything else because she's really good at fights. She knows just exactly my insecurities. most of the time now I don't feel like she wants me to be at home anymore, which is too bad because now more than ever I want to be home. I don't want to move. I've never lived anywhere else and i don't want to live in a dorm with strangers. 
I saw "Where the Wild THings Are," with Alexia. It was so great. I cried during that too, but I feel less lame about that because Alexia did too. I had a really good weekend, that counts for something! Lately I think I just want to be a DJ, but I really am not very social and I don't own a record player. Those are both things I could work at, but it seems easier not to.
Sorry i've been such a downer, probably it's the weather. 

here's something to make you laugh..

And here's something to make you sad again...

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