Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy pets

Today is Thanksgiving, and everyone knows that means it will result in an extremely boring day. I've spent most of the day on the computer and watching TV, which is really no different from any other day. I was FB chatting when a girl I knew told me to play this cyber pet game called Happy pets. I know this sounds really dumb, but it is super addictive. I adopted three cats, and fed them and all of that, and visited my friends' cats. Most of them have a pretty posh set up. Except there is this one bitch who has one lonely kitten who is STARVING to DEATH!!!!! And her litter box hasn't been cleaned in god knows how long. This is just disgusting. I sent her this little notification that says "____, it looks like your cats are starving, please feed them." That was an hour ago. I know it's Thanksgiving, but i happened to notice that she is using Facebook Mobile. So she probably go the message and is just content to let her pet starve. I know that this is just a cyber game and in no way does this reflect her true character, but for the love of god, just put your pet up for adoption. I'm only on level 2, and am not allowed to adopt another pet until level 8. I'm going to have to skip my family dinner just so I can rescue her poor cats. To make matters that much worse her cats' names are Starbucks and Missy. Dear God.

Monday, November 23, 2009

smaller than most we fit into tiny places.

Here's my playlist for the cold months and rainy days

1). It's winter and you don't love me anymore- Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
2). Hello Rain- Dear Nora
3). Cold White Christmas- Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
4). When the Wind Blows- Dear Nora
5). Winter of '94- Henry's Dress
6). Indian Summer- Beat Happening
7). Cold Mountain- Mt. Eerie
8). Where there are trees- Josephine Foster
9). Just Ice- Thanksgiving
10). Fall Flood- Little Wings
11). Depth of Blue- Karl Blau
12). Tahiti Rain Song- Cocorosie
13). Watch the Waves- Taken By Trees
14). Four Hearts- Metallic Falcons
15). Buried in Teeth- Orion Rigel Dommisse

Here's something I'm thinking. I travel the world taking pictures of people that look like Topanga (Boy Meets World,) and make a book called "Topanga Days."

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh, the horror!

Today in my spanish class I learned that people in Peru eat guinea pigs instead of oh, IDK...chicken or cow. I thought this was slightly humorous but then I remembered that Wolf Blitzen loves guinea pigs more than a frantic mother loves her bouncing baby and it made me sad.

I just got a new puppy. Her name is Ollie. She has slept in my bed for the 3 nights we've had her and I don't think I'm going to continue the tradition anymore. Why you ask? Oh, I'll tell you why.

1st night: She somehow ended up on the floor. Call me crazy but last time I checked, 10 week old puppies aren't supposed to land directly on their head while they're deep in their baby dreams.
2nd night: She got lost in the blankets. Who knows how long she was twisted in that blanket to the point where her tiny dacshund legs couldn't break her free from that fleece monster.
3rd night (last night): I woke to find her squished in between my back and the matress.
You poor, poor dog. What did you do to deserve that?
OH! And I would probably blog more if Ms.Blitzen would change the language on our blog back to ENGLISH because I don't know FRENCH. Jerk.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

No more little trinkets...

You know when they say it rains it pours? Well they're right (whoever "they" is.) Uncle Carl didn't get home from the Rut last night until near 3:30, and you better believe Aunt Mimi was up when he arrived. I was in bed and could hear him stumblin' around drunk as a sailor's dog, and Aunt Mimi sure let him have it. This morning when I woke, Aunt Mimi was screaming because she lost her lucky bunny foot in Uncle Carl's car yesterday morning. We had gone down to the grocery store, and like always she had that damn foot in her lap when she made a wrong turn down a one-way street and just about hit a hearse head on. Well the foot went flying, as did I. How's that for luck. She didn't even realize it was gone until last night when Carl took the car. Well I 'spose she searched every inch of that car, and she finally did find it, in addition to a pair of purple frilly panties that Uncle Carl had stashed in the glovebox. Poor Aunty Mimi. Carl took it real smooth though, he didn't even look up from his paper when she came burstin' through the door at breakfast, he just said, "You oughtn't worry your pretty little head over it." As for me? I got the hell out of there. Everything seemed to be okay when I came home, except Mimi had smashed all of Carl's beloved figurines. He'd collected them since he was a young boy from inside each Bigelow tea-box. On the floor porcelain animals were smashed to a million little pieces. I 'spose Mimi thought she was getting even with Carl, but she didn't know how much it bothered me to see his little trinkets on the ground. I didn't know what to do so I sat down and watched Golden Girls with Mimi, and Carl walked in from a night at The Rut, saw his trinkets and felt a little more sobered, no doubt.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Poem of the Evening

i love getting coffee
even when it's flavored like toffee
mom when is dinner?
i'm hungry and getting thinner
i wish i could wear a cowboy hat and pull it off
just kidding that guy guy looks like a dork
i hope i make it into college
wolf blitzen needs to stop crushing on 15 year olds
i love to bite bite bite
that guy smells bad
i need to find a new love for my job
if i don't i will be eating off the dollar menu
can you tell i'm hungry?
why can't i think of anyone i don't like?
i don't like anyone
and yet i can't come up with names
bowling is on thursday
hurray for that?
psych. i'd rather stick my torn off fingernails under my eye lids and punch myself in the face
i want my internet to work so i can blog like this everyday
lucky for you i don't
lizards lizards lizards
why won't anyone mail me letters back?
i wish i didn't like mailing letters so much
i was sick yesterday and the day before
and the day before
i found a new love for poetry
i miss halloween
they are never fun
for me, atleast.
i wish i knew who my friends were

i wish we were all a little more like cats.

bonsoiree, Luna Zuna.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hello Bloggers

Today at work I dropped this lady's Mexican dip all over the floor. She was pretty mean about it, and even though the deli must make about 10 of those damn things a day she of course grabbed the last one. I know it sucks to have some klutzy twat drop your shitty dip on the floor but this lady had a huge attitude. I wanted to see her eat it off the floor, but of course I had to act really sorry about it. I really was sorry until she got all uppity. Later someone started screaming and a fire truck came. Someone could have died for all I knew, but by that time I had been working 7 hours and after about 5 I get into robot mode and I stop using my brain and rely on my mechanical routine.
Bowling starts tomorrow. I really don't even want to go to the informational meeting, but I probably will because I'm secretly hoping I'll be really good and make my school proud and everyone will worship me.
I've been listening to my Last.Fm radio all afternoon and it seems to be stuck on Jeffrey Lewis. I doubt anyone else has a strong opinion about Jeffrey Lewis, but I really don't like him. I mean I do like him, but it's the kind of like that you rarely feel and mostly just hate. Anyone? Like I feel the same way about Cat Power and shit like that. It's better than bad but it just falls somewhere in the middle. This is random but how many people do you think comment on videos or songs on youtube or pandora (etc) in different languages just to seem cooler? because I do sometimes...a lot of the time. Same thing when people buy candy bars and then insist you put them in the bag because it's definitely not for them it's for their kid or their gynecologist or something. I just know they are in their car hitting their head on the steering wheel just to get to their snack. God.