Monday, September 21, 2009

four heartz

I don't really have much to write about, except Organic Chemistry is really kicking my ass. And Aunt Mimi and Uncle Carl are fightin' nasty. Carl's mad that aunty goes out to The Rut every night. The Rut is this really gross bar on Mt. Vernon, Aunt Mimi likes it though. She's not very picky as long as they carry PBR. I guess I can see where they are both coming from, I mean Uncle Carl worked hard all day paintin' the Cad' Mimi is on this kick where everything has to be pink. EVERYTHING. He works hard all day and she never gets out of the house. I try to keep her company the best I can. We play craps and trance dance, but she just can't beat the bottle. I know they love each other deep down. We're all going to the camp ground this weekend. Probably a little R&R will do the trick just right. Well O Chem is calling.
Aunt Mimi, before "The Rut"
Here are some songs i've been hearing today
Four Hearts- Metallic Falcons
Fake Yer Death- Orion Rigel Dommisse
Will you still love me tomorrow?- Carole King
Dust my Broom- Elmore James
Our Favorite Idols-Shenandoah Davis

Hey ya'll. Here's a rundown of my day.
1. Went to walking class by myself, forgot to put my 40lb backpack in my truck, so i had to carry it the whole time. Realized I left my headphones in my truck so i couldn't listen to Kid Cudi's new album. Inhaled a fly and then walked into a huge spider web immediately after. Got a rock in my shoe. My foot bled.
2.My dad just asked me when my birthday was.
I hope tomorrow is just as awesome!
--Luna Zuna

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday is for the pigs.

I've never been so smitten with something, someone than i am with piglet.

Friday, September 18, 2009

TGIF (That one's for you, Wolf Blitzen.)

It is 8:58 in the am and I am in my Plato class. For anyone who doesn't know what that is, it's a course you take on the computer because you failed the course last year when you took it with NORMAL kids in a NORMAL class environment. In my case, this course happens to be 2nd year algebra term 3. I have found that I do the best on my tests when I listen to either: Muse's new album- The Resistance, or Twista's new album- Category F5. It's good shit, check em out.

I just finished my report on David Attenborough who is the narrator on Blue Planet and Planet Earth. Usually I find writing reports as dull as watching a sloth (excluding sloth dad, of course.) but I found Mr. Attenborough really interesting and possibly the greatest old man in the history of the world. There was one quote that he said about his view on religions. It's exactly how I feel and it has made me hang on to my title as an agnostic even more. It was:

"My response is that when Creationists talk about God creating every individual species as a separate act, they always instance hummingbirds, or orchids,sunflowers and beautiful things. But I tend to think instead of a parasitic worm that is boring through the eye of a boy sitting on the bank of a river in West Africa, [a worm] that's going to make him blind. And [I ask them], 'Are you telling me that the God you believe in, who you also say is an all-merciful God, who cares for each one of us individually, are you saying that God created this worm that can live in no other way than in an innocent child's eyeball? Because that doesn't seem to me to coincide with a God who's full of mercy"- David Attenborough
--Luna Zuna

Thursday, September 17, 2009

today and yesterday, the past and the present, September 16 and sepember 17th

Today and yesterday were both interesting days. yesterday i worked until ten which usually blows a ton, and it did. sometimes i'm convinced that there is a universally bad day. Everyone that came through my line was in an awfully terrible mood. This one lady was so nasty to me i actually wanted to cry just because she was scaring me so much. That has only ever happened one time and the lady said she was going to rip out my eyeballs if i rolled them again. i guess i was rolling my eyes. I can see how that is annoying, but i don't mean to. This lady came in talking on her cell phone so loudly that the lady in front of her looked like she was going to go through the roof. I felt so uncomfortable i worked as fast as i could to get her out of the store and as far away from the loud bitch as i could. The rest of the night went pretty fast. I found the best grocery list ever. i'll have to scan it in or something. 
Today alexia and i went to subway for lunch. i got a 3 inch sub instead of 6 and got the third degree from her. It's just when I eat all 6 inches i feel sick. GOD WHO CARES?!?! Im so boring. Alexia, Skidmark, and i went on a mini iowafest 2009. More on that later. Watched murder shows all night, now i gotta sleep with the lights on. Last time i scared myself so much that i wanted to sleep in my momma and dads bed, but i guess they refuse. 
Tomorrow will be the future, and i cant say yet how that will be. I can say that i am pretty excited for my outfit.  It might possibly be the ugliest thing i have ever worn, and i always strive for that.  Im gonna wear this really ugly t-shirt from the 80s with a giant abstract swan on it. I found it today in my closet. My aunt mimi picked it up for me at a garage sale along time ago. I hated it then, for good reason. love it now, for better reasons. 

Oh man, i almost forgot. Sometimes when my mother thinks that no one is listening to her she talks to the dogs. usually its about how much she loves them, or how fat they are. Sometimes, however, it's because they peed on the floor. I overheard a little of their conversation this afternoon: (Note: it has been edited for all audiences)
"you are all going to hell, everyone of you. you will all go to dog hell, you nasty piece of shit dogs. Bad dogs, there is no reason for this. we're going to give you all away to some slaughterhouses, bad rotten dogs, you awful creations. God. do you hear me?"
None of this is true of course, otherwise it wouldn't be funny. 

god this is the longest post ever. 

Now that i have my mac i watch all the featured youtube videos, and this one is a gem:
^Look at that kids hair!!!!!!!

This one is just because im really into this girls music.

I'm sure by now anyone that may have possibly been reading has stopped, but if you haven't then...Bacon is good for you. 

--wolf blitzen

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Theres a Light that Never Goes Out...

I really hope there is someone that is maybe even a little obsessed with the smiths out there reading this. Otherwise, i'll look awful silly.  So with a little googling I found  this article

It's pretty lengthy so if you don't feel like reading it I'll just explain it. Basically this article proves that Stephen Morrissey, frontman for The Smiths, is actually the second coming of Jesus. It sounds farfetched, but it's true. I've always had my doubts when it comes to religion, but not now. If there is one man that could absolve my sins and lead me to the afterlife its him. 

Probably you want some evidence...

1). Morrissey predicted the death of Princess Diana. If you listen to "there's a light that never goes out" carefully, he has clearly predicted the death of Princess Diana. 

--This song was released as a single, only in France, where lady di was living and was called "The Queen is Dead" 

"Take me out tonight Because I want to see people and i Want to see life Driving in your car Oh, please dont drop me home Because its not my home, its their Home, and Im welcome no more And if a double-decker bus Crashes into us To die by your side Is such a heavenly way to die And if a ten-ton truck Kills the both of us To die by your side Well, the pleasure - the privilege is mine Take me out tonight Take me anywhere, I dont care I dont care, I dont care And in the darkened underpass I thought oh god, my chance has come at last (but then a strange fear gripped me and i Just couldnt ask)" --"Theres a light that Never Goes Out"

yep, he's a saint, probably. there is much more evidence that proves he is jesus on that article, probably. I can't be sure because I got bored and stopped reading after the Princess Diana part. It's okay i don't need evidence. 

Here's my september playlist:

Frankly Mr. Shankly-- The Smiths

Proof- Shenandoah Davis

Girlfriends Dont Keep- Bratmobile

Dear Nora- Everyone's the Same

The Concretes- Song of the Songs

Never Let me down Again-Depeche Mode

Hung up - Dear Nora

Psychic City- YACHT

--wolf blitzen

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Meet My Jew Friend, Wolf Blitzen.

Wolf Blitzen and I are at a coffeeshop. This is the first of the many interviews for Wolf Blitzen.

Where were you born? -Iowa City, Iowa.
How many siblings do you have? -Three.
If you were a dog, who's butt would you not smell? -Nelly Furtado.
Considering you're lactose intolerant, what do you think people say about that behind your back? -They probably think I drink breast milk.... from a sickly sheep's teat. you know, like the ones we took pictures of?
If you could come up with a new coffee, what would it be called and what would it consist of? -IDK
When you grow up, what do you want to be? -I want to be rich, I want to be famous, I want to have boobies.

--Luna Zuna

an interview with Luna Zuna
which fictional characters are you and your best friend like? whoever that best friend is...
--Enid Coleslaw and Rebecca. 
--because i hang out with a dorky jew and we hate everyone. 
What are your top three favorite songs? 
--She Wolf 
--Walking on Ice by Twista feat. Gucci mayne
--tying your shoes song from spongebob. 

we gotta be done. we're sorry. we tried.

--wolf blitzen.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I wish I had a friend that made me a fleece deer suit instead of spending countless hours blogging about her real best friend, Rachel A. Oakes.
I hope lightning strikes you down.

On the other hand,

a response from wolf blitzen...
sometimes, a lot of the time i wish i had a friend that would carve miniature figurines with me on the weekends instead of eating potato chips from the cracks in her sofa (i've seen it.) There is so much tension between us right now because we had a big fight today at work. Alexia is an awful employee and usually gets me in trouble. Today she flirted with our manager so she could go home early and check her facebook while still on the clock. I was working really hard. Extra hard because she was one less employee. 

Thats the real Alexia. thats what she's really like. she's mean and has a hard time with proper sentence structure. and she's always talking about her real best friend Brittany Quaid. 

I hope you're stuck on the receiving end of a glory hole...

JUST KIDDING!!! you're my best friend, and i was only kind of serious about some of those things!

In other words...
BIG NEWS its so big alexia doesn't even know it yet. My very best friend from middle school and fellow diehard Smiths fan, Madi is going to do a post on the blog about all the evidence she has that Morrissey is some sort of God. Apparently this is a pretty well known conspiracy. I don't know for sure, but I'd be willing to believe it. But I'm super excited because Madi's the best and she was there for me during my "punk" phase in 7th grade. She's seen the very worst of me. Including when my ear swelled up because i put a paper clip through it...oh man thats embarrassing . Well thats all. you can expect a post from her sometime in the next 4-6 weeks. 

--Wolf Blitzen

Saturday, September 5, 2009

c'est trop mignonne

Today i found out that i had a cat named after me. incredible! I've never been important  enough to have a cat named after me. It's not an old dull cat either, its a new kitten. She'll live for at least nine lives in my honor. remarkable.  it's not even an american cat. She's French!!! She lives in a small town named Salagnon on a little cottage in the woods.  she's living with my french host family and their 20+ other cats. Every morning i would wake up and look out the wooden window onto the lawn and there would be tons of cats all lounging in piles on the hill. So cute.  i wish i could have blogged in france, so many funny things happened...

If i was a cat thats what i would look like I think... she's the one on the left. 

now i feel like i'm kind of responsible for her existence and i feel obligated to contribute to her life in some way. but i just cant be there for her. 

Also, there has been some awful news...Alexia's beloved truck Minkus has died officially. He has to be sold for parts. and even in parts he wont be worth much. Poor minkus, so many fun memories with that truck. We're going to have a memorial, probably we'll dedicate a post to that. 

And by we i mean me because alexia is apparently never going to have a computer and will never blog.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Best senior picture ever...

sorry i cant make it any larger, but this is my friend rachel's senior picture with her cat nermal.
im very jealous. 
i promise maybe one day i will write something, but this was just too good.