Saturday, April 17, 2010


I guess I'm growing up now, I'm miles more mature than I was yesterday, WHY? Because I got a driving permit! Yes, I was the only one over the age of 15 taking the test, which was a little blow to my self-esteem. Nevertheless, it is a great accomplishment, now I can legally drive with my pops all around my small town. I took a nap today, because I am horribly sleep deprived, and the Gospel Light Church woke me up pounding on the door armed with pamphlets and floor length Jean skirts. The real funny thing is they were really conventionally pretty, but the jesus necklace and jean skirts just torched any hope they had. They were real nice though, they didn't try to talk to me much. I appreciate that. Had my mother been home she would have ran them off the porch. A word to the wise: If there is a mezuzah on a door, there is likely to be a crazy jewish lady on the other side of that door. It's best to skip that house altogether.

Maybe you are wondering about the title of this post...LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT IT. So I was searching blogs today and came across one called "Twee Fashions," I don't want to link to it, because I feel that's rude. But Im sure if you do some clever googling you can find it. It's hilarious It's all about being twee and how to dress "twee." She finds pictures of twee folk and gives them a letter grade accordingly. For instance, glasses and a sweater and a scarf are an instant A, but if your scarf looks more like a bib you get bumped down to a B+ Apparently wearing a scarf really helps, and there was also a post about how if a friend makes you spaghetti, you should always pretend to like it even if it's bad. Unless, of course, you're cute and twee, then you can just be an asshole to your friend.

AH HELL, here is the link:

don't forget: wear scarves, be nice to friends, and be cute.


  1. Once when I was twelve or thirteen, My friends were try to coax me out of the house to play football at Tomahawk Park. And some Jehovah's (Jehovah is my favorite name for God by the way) Witnesses came to the door. I was playing a video game at the time which I promptly paused at the upon the rapping on the door. My friends dove out of sight, and we sat there. And before they left the porch, I started playing the game again. Because I was pre-teen (or teenage) jerk.

    Good job on that Permit.

  2. I personally love it when people come tracting. They used to come around all the time when I was younger but kinda stopped. Maybe they figured out that we're Catholic. We're pretty much already damned to a lot of them...
    Good job on the permit btw-and our town isn't that small-it's technically a city. Just sayin