Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Obsession...

i'm such a victim of internet fads!!! I join everything, it's absurd, but this...this is so genius. CHATROULETTE, basically it's the love child of skype and aim, except you don't know anyone. so it's pretty skeevy, but also amazing. i have talked to so many europeans and man are they nice. I promised i wouldn't do it without a friend, but I LIED. i chatted to so many nice people, a comic book illustrator from Belgium and a high school student from paris and some lovely kids in orlando, and a sock puppet. there are plenty of perverts wanking it though. beware. i had to warn a family with children of the dangers. what a helpful internet citizen i am. what a boring post. here is a clip of some kids from my school..it's hilarious.