Thursday, August 13, 2009

Everything about us

Here's everything you would ever need to know about us.

We are two friends from Cedar Rapids, Iowa that sat next to each other in biology for an entire year before we ever talked. Alexia spent most of the class texting and sleeping and i spent the class drawing tiny pentagons on my desk. We only started talking after we both started working at Hy-Vee, a small grocery chain local to the midwest. We were instantly bonded by our hatred for the store and will continue to work there until we become famous. This blog will detail the long and trying journey to true stardom.

Today i went to best buy and left this blog on several laptop screens in hopes of attracting some publicity. Unfortunately the computer man followed behind me and x-ed out of every page.

Today as a punishment for losing the family music stand (which I did not) i had to hold sheet music in front of my mother for an hour while she practiced her cello.

not famous...yet.

we are planning our halloween fest, any costume ideas?

flood us with comments, make us famous.


  1. Halloween ideas: Obama (duh), the Taliban (ironic), the Pope (funny!), Old Cat Lady (easy!), or Captan John Luke Picard (bald).

  2. Leaving your blog up all over at Best Buy is a funny idea!

  3. Being new to blogging myself, I know it's hard to get a following. You certainly have been creative about it! I definitely will check your progress on the road to becoming famous. And if I may steal a page from your book, check out my blog @

  4. Hmm. Actually, kind of impressive for just four posts. Our blog's been up since 2004, we have thousands of posts, and we STILL can't catch anyone's attention.

    Although it looks to me like you're just going for shameless self-promotion. You should have something to contribute; you can't just try to get famous for the sake of being famous, :P

  5. Ha ha. Sorry about that last comment. I was feeling pretty peeved the day I wrote that.

    Your blog is fine. Don't take what I said too seriously!