Saturday, August 15, 2009

The strongest god given emotion...

is love.

here is a love poem our favorite blogger wrote for us...

Skip the security measures
They can bring you many joys
But be careful my boys
These are not worldly pleasures.
written by: Maciej Makalowski
brilliant. he's brilliant, and in love with us.
make him famous.
also, thank you to the one person who took our poll (located to the side. ->)
we have 300+ grocery lists and nothing to do with them so we might do something with that on the blog. BUT if you want to see more PIZZA or CATS or want to know about weird weird IOWA then you can vote too.
we just want to make you happy.
i'm going to montreal and wont be blogging for about a week. Alexia doesn't have a computer for awhile so we might be silent. dont forget about us because WE LOVE YOU ALL!

because of the fame and stuff we now have....ALIASES
introducing: Luna Zuna


as much love as Maury has for connie chung, WOLF BLITZEN.


  1. Yeah, placenta soup is not vegetarian . . .

    But thank you for making me world famous. Now my career as a street corner poem typist can truly begin (and yes that is a real job, I saw it in person).

  2. The corner has been chosen.

  3. I voted for more CATS. Even though I would really like to see something about cheese. I love cheeses.