Thursday, August 13, 2009


this morning has been really surreal for me. i am astounded, shocked, and even surprised by the feedback we've gotten so far after blogging only once. it is the american mindset to have to work your way to the top and i can proudly say we have done just that. with a little hardwork, impossible is nothing. I opened our email account ( <--email us!!!!) to over 300 new messages. Among them were journalists, fans, and haters. To all of our fans, we thank you none of this could be possible without you. Always know that you hold a special place in our hearts. To the haters, jealousy is an ugly ugly color on you.
What does this all mean???
well, it means that there are many steps that will be taken to ensure and adjust to this new level of fame. After much deliberation we have decided that we will no longer go by our real names (alyse and alexia,) but new aliases to ensure our safety and keep a low profile. These aliases are to be announced. In the meantime tune into this american life next friday at 8 p.m to listen to our special. We love you Ira Glass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, a special shoutout to our new favorite cat and fan!!! Daisy!!!

Photobucket <--check out this curly cat.


  1. Oh, lookit me here! I am smiling real big now.

    ps: To answer you question, I am only a little curly. Actually, I am more wavy than curly.

  2. stop! thats our catfan and we will love her and will protect her honor

  3. Okay new one up, well it's not new, it's a love letter from a few days ago, but now it's on the web, enjoy, yo.

  4. wow, you guys are awesome! i adore you're blog. i'll add you to my blog roll, and help make you famous that way, mmk?
    keep up the good work. :)


    Where is my bunny?