Wednesday, February 10, 2010


face it, girls did it best

1). Julie Ruin- Punk SInger
2). Bikini Kill-6). For Tammi Rae
3). Bratmobile- Girl Germs
4). Cadallaca- Your one Wish
5). Julie Ruin- Valley Girl Intelligentsia
6). Heavens to Betsy- White Girl
7). Julie Ruin- Apt. #5
8). The Slits- Typical Girls
9). Kathleen Hanna- I wish I was him
10). Sleater-Kinney- Modern Girl
11). Lesley Gore- Thats the way boys are
12). The Casual Dots- Clocks
13). Cadallaca- June n July
14).Le tigre- Gone B4 yr Home
15). X-Ray Specs- Oh Bondage, Up Yours !

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