Monday, February 15, 2010

valentines day sucks

my friend erika calls it anal rape day. Except they can't sell cards for anal rape day. I've sort of been watching the olympics, sort of I'm morally opposed to it. Mostly I like to see them go around tight corners. I actually have nothing to write about, because not much really happens in my life. I'm reading a trashy romance novel about a young maid that goes to work for a rich Italian man. Of course she's in distress and he's all abrasive and macho and she sleeps with him all nasty like. The writing is terrible. I'm also reading "Girl Power" the much talked about book on Girl Bands. I think maybe I'm contradicting myself. I'm ashamed I can't read Joyce or Chaucer with the same zeal, though I think I am in the majority. Why should I think about metaphors and idioms when I can read about a well hung Italian and a large bosomed lady having sex on a vacuum. Tomorrow I am seeing St. Vincent with my pals from way back in middle school. Should be fun, plus we're getting pizza...YUM.
Middle school reminds me a lot about the people I respect the most...the handicapped...the SASSY handicapped. There was this crippled boy that wheeled around, and when I was a freshman I was all too sympathetic even clearing the entire hallway so he could wheel safely. He was hit my a bus when he was young and suffered some brain damage. It's all too natural to feel for someone in this condition and my friends and I did, until we found out that he was a complete dick! He swore all the time and was always really loud and never went to class. No staff member ever dared to scold him for anything. He was practically untouchable. One of my pretty friends smiled at him and in return he glared at her. That was the end of her rope I guess because everytime after that she said he deserved to be hit by the bus because he was an ass. Priceless! The best though was the relentless sympathy from our CREEPO gym teacher (that is almost identical to Jeff Foxworthy,) who hit a boy in a wheelchair with his car and has since forth been wracked with guilt.

Anyway...back to having nothing to say I think I will end with a food reccomendation. FAGE GREEK YOGURT WITH HONEY.


  1. Yeah, shit sucks. Excpt I saw the Entrance Band, by myself.

    One of my good friends is in a wheelchair. He is the nicest person I have ever met, well happiest person I have ever met. Except that he hates the homeless. People always ask him if he was in the war.

    I don't know where I am going with this.