Saturday, March 19, 2011

blah blah blah

just read an article that said bright eyes is no more.
i don't think this day could get any worse.
i worked all day.
my sister is a fucking retard.
this asshole dog won't stop yelping long enough so i can fall asleep.
i have to work at 6 am.
the bath tub just turned on by itself.
i want to go home.
yesterday i got a letter in the mail.
i thought it was good mail until i realized it was from my school stating that i'm on academic watch.
my grades aren't even that bad and they're getting better.
i move out so soon.
no one wants to travel with me which means i have to go by myself.
why won't conor oberst hang out with me?
i'm allergic to everything now.
i want a new life. really, really badly.

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