Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day One goes like this:

Yesterday we couldn't find a nice enough mexican to let us stay at their La Quinta so we checked into the hostel downtown. We have three roommates and one that sleeps right next to us. We were trying to be quiet all night not to wake her up but I woke up to some dude coming in from the shower and now he's changing right next to me. God I love Chicago.

Last night we went to a show and saw Lez Bobo and Friends. I think maybe Brittany is a lil les bobo for that clown ifyaknowwhatimean. Then we saw some horrible rapper that looked like the guy from Die Antwoord. Just kidding, she looked like Hulk Hogan. I counted 37 lesbians that looked like Justin Bieber.

On the subway we found the love of my life. Hopefully that happens again at least 20 more times. We're eating pizza today! We couldn't last night because everything was closed and all we had was a bag of Cheetos and a little debbie snack that had about 700 calories in it. Usually I don't pay any attention to that but I couldn't bring myself to eat that heart attack in a bag.

I am about to shower in the hostel. I'm scared. Do you get completely naked or what?

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