Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Poem of the Evening

i love getting coffee
even when it's flavored like toffee
mom when is dinner?
i'm hungry and getting thinner
i wish i could wear a cowboy hat and pull it off
just kidding that guy guy looks like a dork
i hope i make it into college
wolf blitzen needs to stop crushing on 15 year olds
i love to bite bite bite
that guy smells bad
i need to find a new love for my job
if i don't i will be eating off the dollar menu
can you tell i'm hungry?
why can't i think of anyone i don't like?
i don't like anyone
and yet i can't come up with names
bowling is on thursday
hurray for that?
psych. i'd rather stick my torn off fingernails under my eye lids and punch myself in the face
i want my internet to work so i can blog like this everyday
lucky for you i don't
lizards lizards lizards
why won't anyone mail me letters back?
i wish i didn't like mailing letters so much
i was sick yesterday and the day before
and the day before
i found a new love for poetry
i miss halloween
they are never fun
for me, atleast.
i wish i knew who my friends were

i wish we were all a little more like cats.

bonsoiree, Luna Zuna.

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