Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I'm not trying to be a paranormal weirdo but I doubt it's a coincidence that I've had nightmares every night since I've been moved to my basement. I never have nightmares but since I've been relocated, it has been a nightly thing where I wake up drenched in sweat because I dreamt that something evil was following me. Last night I had a dream that Alyse, Lana, Alyssa and I all moved into our new haunted house. I'm not making up the haunted part. Seriously, go check it out: http://www.yawp.com/3rd-i/ADS/ghost/Ghohunt.html ((We are A on the map)) Anyways, I had a dream that we were moving in and as soon as we hung up our clothes, they would get ripped down and then creepy music started playing. It wasn't too creepy though. I think they play it in every Mission Impossible movie. Then the whole shit show turned into the next installment of the Grudge movies. I am pretty sure I was just thinking about how our landlord is asian and that's how the dream got its theme. We ended up running away from the haunted house and moving into a new building and when we thought everything was better, the creepy music started playing again. Either this is a metaphor for my life and how my demons will be with me even when I think they'll leave me alone to start a new life in Iowa City OR this means that the ghosts in my basement will follow me forever. I just hope they let me sleep at night. If I fall asleep during sex class I'll kill someone. Usually I would have said that I'd kill myself but I need to make it to at least one of the Bright Eyes shows in the next month. Ghosts in my basement/head, PLEASE don't kill me before then.

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