Sunday, October 10, 2010


It's October and our trip for this month was to MADISON, WISCONSIN. It was so much fun even though I wanted to kick Sydney out of the car several times. We found a hotel that was one step up from the Motel 6 but had just as many scabies. They advertise their fantasy suites and I plan on going back to spend a night in each room. That way I can stay in Vegas, a cabin, a fisherman's boat, a blue box, and a bug net all in one week! Also, they had a sign that offered mashrooms and donutes. They were displayed on a powerpoint so I don't understand how spell check was ignored so blatantly.

I love Wisconsin. We went to Devil's Lake the next day and it was gorgeous. While in the park, we were stopped by a park ranger because we didn't have a parking pass. The ranger was going to give us a ticket and check to see if I had a warrant out for my arrest but "he was too busy" gosh he was funny. We stopped at a shady cheese shop and Alyse got a pickle big enough to derail a train. My phone started dying so we went to a coffee shop to charge it before the show at 10:30.

We made it to the show even though our GPS (Kevin) was on the verge of death. We went to Revolution Cycles to see Koo Koo Kangaroo and we all had a really good time. Everything about the show was entertaining. Sydney's seizure-like dancing, Alyse's two-step, and the big Native American guy leaning against the support beam were so funny I almost curled up in the fetal position from my laughing pangs. Koo Koo consists of Bryan and Neil and they are SO COOL. Sydney has been talking about the show ever since we left and I don't think she will change out of her mini van shirt for dayz.

We left Madison at midnight and we ended up getting lost thanks to KEVIN. Okay, so it was partially my fault. It started out alright because we knew we were lost but it was kind of funny. But then the roads started to wind and fog appeared. Next thing I knew we were winding through the middle of a forest with cemeteries popping up randomly and we were low on gas and Kevin was low on battery. We had to take a sharp turn on a gravel road which seemed to have a rotting silo right in the middle of it. It was at that point when I was mentally planning out the mass text that I would send out to my loved ones and my old bowling coach. Luckily Kevin kicked it into gear and we got out of there unscathed.

Oh yeah, did I mention that we found this terrifying octopus salad at Whole Foods? Poor babiez.

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