Friday, October 15, 2010


Dear Whiteface,
Two years ago you were stalking and terrorizing Washington High School. You were dressed up in a full length black cloak filled with knives and your make up was not unlike the Joker's. Although the students that you haunted around this time are gone and away for college, I am still here and I dare you to make an appearance again. I know all about you. I know that you harassed the cross country team after school and you were tackled by a a group of cops. Not only were you rumored to have been screaming profanities, but several knifes were found on you as well. I heard stories of you walking out of the shady liquor store on 1st Avenue into rush hour traffic without even considering the consequences. Students claimed that you were some psycho that forgot to take your medicine and that you're highly dangerous. You seem to think you're dangerous but I have my doubts. I'm convinced you were just a friend of those strange D&D club guys I saw in the woods that Halloween night when I was in hot pursuit to find you doing something illegal and frightening. I don't care who you are, I just want to see you. Heck, if I could snap a picture of you walking to the grocery store or sitting on a bench, I would be extremely satisfied. I went to a haunted house tonight ran by a bunch of goons in latex clown masks half-hoping that you would be inside, but much to my disappointment, you were nowhere in sight. Where have you been? Not only have you been missing so far this year, but you didn't show up last year. Everyday I sat in my strategically placed desk by the window so I could stare out into the courtyard but not once did you show up. After class I would hurry down the filthy flights of stairs and out to the parking lot so I wouldn't miss the day that the notorious Whiteface made his anticipated arrival but the day never came. Halloween speedily came and went and so did my faith in you. After Halloween, classmates claimed to have seen you eating at Applebee's or grabbing a latte a Starbucks without your makeup on which actually kind of pissed me off. Crazed high school student predators/potential murderers aren't supposed to be sitting in a cozy coffee shop during their after hours. They're supposed to be out slaying people or being the old creep watching the children play four-square on the playground. What gives? I suggest that you get your act together and start being weird again because it is almost Halloween night. You have a good couple weeks to get your creep on and make this October one to remember. In a perverted kind of way, I've missed you. Please come back.


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