Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why school is great today.

-Where are you moving to in Iowa City?
-I've thrown up on Prentiss.
-Haven't we all.

-So I watched my first episode of Skins the other night, it fucking blew. All that happened was the chick got chlamydia from her boyfriend who got it from a lesbian he cheated on the ugly chick with. Then the ugly chick went to ron weasley's house, and for some fucking reason ron had a busted nose. The fugly bitch tried to give ron the clap, but he just blew his load all over her hand. Mind you this is after ron told some black chick he loved her over webcam, but she had a black model boyfriend so that shit wasnt gonna happen, so ron cried.
The End

By: Casey Shelangoski

I saw Wall Drug at the Kirkwood Store. Thought he was going to ask me to buy him a new phone. I hope I see him daily.

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