Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I wish I had a friend that made me a fleece deer suit instead of spending countless hours blogging about her real best friend, Rachel A. Oakes.
I hope lightning strikes you down.

On the other hand,

a response from wolf blitzen...
sometimes, a lot of the time i wish i had a friend that would carve miniature figurines with me on the weekends instead of eating potato chips from the cracks in her sofa (i've seen it.) There is so much tension between us right now because we had a big fight today at work. Alexia is an awful employee and usually gets me in trouble. Today she flirted with our manager so she could go home early and check her facebook while still on the clock. I was working really hard. Extra hard because she was one less employee. 

Thats the real Alexia. thats what she's really like. she's mean and has a hard time with proper sentence structure. and she's always talking about her real best friend Brittany Quaid. 

I hope you're stuck on the receiving end of a glory hole...

JUST KIDDING!!! you're my best friend, and i was only kind of serious about some of those things!

In other words...
BIG NEWS its so big alexia doesn't even know it yet. My very best friend from middle school and fellow diehard Smiths fan, Madi is going to do a post on the blog about all the evidence she has that Morrissey is some sort of God. Apparently this is a pretty well known conspiracy. I don't know for sure, but I'd be willing to believe it. But I'm super excited because Madi's the best and she was there for me during my "punk" phase in 7th grade. She's seen the very worst of me. Including when my ear swelled up because i put a paper clip through it...oh man thats embarrassing . Well thats all. you can expect a post from her sometime in the next 4-6 weeks. 

--Wolf Blitzen

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