Monday, September 21, 2009

four heartz

I don't really have much to write about, except Organic Chemistry is really kicking my ass. And Aunt Mimi and Uncle Carl are fightin' nasty. Carl's mad that aunty goes out to The Rut every night. The Rut is this really gross bar on Mt. Vernon, Aunt Mimi likes it though. She's not very picky as long as they carry PBR. I guess I can see where they are both coming from, I mean Uncle Carl worked hard all day paintin' the Cad' Mimi is on this kick where everything has to be pink. EVERYTHING. He works hard all day and she never gets out of the house. I try to keep her company the best I can. We play craps and trance dance, but she just can't beat the bottle. I know they love each other deep down. We're all going to the camp ground this weekend. Probably a little R&R will do the trick just right. Well O Chem is calling.
Aunt Mimi, before "The Rut"
Here are some songs i've been hearing today
Four Hearts- Metallic Falcons
Fake Yer Death- Orion Rigel Dommisse
Will you still love me tomorrow?- Carole King
Dust my Broom- Elmore James
Our Favorite Idols-Shenandoah Davis

Hey ya'll. Here's a rundown of my day.
1. Went to walking class by myself, forgot to put my 40lb backpack in my truck, so i had to carry it the whole time. Realized I left my headphones in my truck so i couldn't listen to Kid Cudi's new album. Inhaled a fly and then walked into a huge spider web immediately after. Got a rock in my shoe. My foot bled.
2.My dad just asked me when my birthday was.
I hope tomorrow is just as awesome!
--Luna Zuna

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