Thursday, September 17, 2009

today and yesterday, the past and the present, September 16 and sepember 17th

Today and yesterday were both interesting days. yesterday i worked until ten which usually blows a ton, and it did. sometimes i'm convinced that there is a universally bad day. Everyone that came through my line was in an awfully terrible mood. This one lady was so nasty to me i actually wanted to cry just because she was scaring me so much. That has only ever happened one time and the lady said she was going to rip out my eyeballs if i rolled them again. i guess i was rolling my eyes. I can see how that is annoying, but i don't mean to. This lady came in talking on her cell phone so loudly that the lady in front of her looked like she was going to go through the roof. I felt so uncomfortable i worked as fast as i could to get her out of the store and as far away from the loud bitch as i could. The rest of the night went pretty fast. I found the best grocery list ever. i'll have to scan it in or something. 
Today alexia and i went to subway for lunch. i got a 3 inch sub instead of 6 and got the third degree from her. It's just when I eat all 6 inches i feel sick. GOD WHO CARES?!?! Im so boring. Alexia, Skidmark, and i went on a mini iowafest 2009. More on that later. Watched murder shows all night, now i gotta sleep with the lights on. Last time i scared myself so much that i wanted to sleep in my momma and dads bed, but i guess they refuse. 
Tomorrow will be the future, and i cant say yet how that will be. I can say that i am pretty excited for my outfit.  It might possibly be the ugliest thing i have ever worn, and i always strive for that.  Im gonna wear this really ugly t-shirt from the 80s with a giant abstract swan on it. I found it today in my closet. My aunt mimi picked it up for me at a garage sale along time ago. I hated it then, for good reason. love it now, for better reasons. 

Oh man, i almost forgot. Sometimes when my mother thinks that no one is listening to her she talks to the dogs. usually its about how much she loves them, or how fat they are. Sometimes, however, it's because they peed on the floor. I overheard a little of their conversation this afternoon: (Note: it has been edited for all audiences)
"you are all going to hell, everyone of you. you will all go to dog hell, you nasty piece of shit dogs. Bad dogs, there is no reason for this. we're going to give you all away to some slaughterhouses, bad rotten dogs, you awful creations. God. do you hear me?"
None of this is true of course, otherwise it wouldn't be funny. 

god this is the longest post ever. 

Now that i have my mac i watch all the featured youtube videos, and this one is a gem:
^Look at that kids hair!!!!!!!

This one is just because im really into this girls music.

I'm sure by now anyone that may have possibly been reading has stopped, but if you haven't then...Bacon is good for you. 

--wolf blitzen

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