Saturday, September 5, 2009

c'est trop mignonne

Today i found out that i had a cat named after me. incredible! I've never been important  enough to have a cat named after me. It's not an old dull cat either, its a new kitten. She'll live for at least nine lives in my honor. remarkable.  it's not even an american cat. She's French!!! She lives in a small town named Salagnon on a little cottage in the woods.  she's living with my french host family and their 20+ other cats. Every morning i would wake up and look out the wooden window onto the lawn and there would be tons of cats all lounging in piles on the hill. So cute.  i wish i could have blogged in france, so many funny things happened...

If i was a cat thats what i would look like I think... she's the one on the left. 

now i feel like i'm kind of responsible for her existence and i feel obligated to contribute to her life in some way. but i just cant be there for her. 

Also, there has been some awful news...Alexia's beloved truck Minkus has died officially. He has to be sold for parts. and even in parts he wont be worth much. Poor minkus, so many fun memories with that truck. We're going to have a memorial, probably we'll dedicate a post to that. 

And by we i mean me because alexia is apparently never going to have a computer and will never blog.


  1. Having a cat named after you is a very big responsibility. You must send catnip, treats and toys to her on every holiday.

  2. La Jew Patite is a crapy name for a cat.