Thursday, September 16, 2010


While downloading gallons of music (il)legally, I was watching TV. I haven't watched TV in months (watching hours of Nip/Tuck, Dexter, and Californication on Nexflix does NOT count) and I remembered why. There is nothing to watch. I was flipping through the channels while I babysat for my mom. I'm going to start charging her hourly for watching Peanut. If she's not biting Bear, she's tearing the stuffing out of her stuffed monkey. I'm exhausted. Anyways I came across this show called Beast Legends. They were debunking the idea of dragon existence and they ended up in a cave where they were catching bats. This was when I realized that bats are SO CUTE. I want one. The closest I've ever come to one was the time my family came home from dinner and there was one in the house. My dad took it out with a tennis racquet, which caused quite a gory scene and I haven't been a fan since then. Until now. So if anyone reads this at all and you have a friend of a friend's second brother that has a bat that they want to give away, call me. PLEASE. (420)-699-6969... Alyse AKA Wolf Blitzen and I share the same landline.
I donated plasma today. I've decided I'm saving up to get every American Apparel hoodie ever since that's all I wear. I won't need to buy a shirt ever again! The inside feels too good. TOO GOOD.

Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are touring real soon and I WILL see them. I'm going to the Minneapolis show and they are going to be soooo funny. Too bad Dicky Dunn won't be there. REST IN PEACE RICHARD DUNN. YOU ARE MISSED.

I can't wait until Halloween. I still really want to go to the Voodoo music festival in New Orleans but it's a lot of money and I can't get anyone to fork out enough money to go with me. Oh well... I'll just have to see Die Antwoord and Deadmau5 some other time...

I can't wait until Christmas either! I already know what I'm getting everyone. Or what I'm making everyone. POTZ. I hope they like my mediocre artwork. I have to go in tomorrow to the art building to finish my pieces. There's a critique on Monday. I'm nervous. I think I might go in at like 6 or 7 am so I will miss everyone that's going in there because they're procrastinators just like me.

I'll post pictures tomorrow! WHOOOH!

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