Wednesday, September 15, 2010


From now on I'm going to update this bitch daily.

Flavor of the day: Antoine Dodson with a side of chick peas and Nicki Minaj.

Today I made a cat pot in ceramics.
I keep feeding Bear. She tends to grow wider everyday.
Tomorrow is the Leslie and the Lys concert. Gosh I'm excited.
I've been listening to the Smiths and Devendra Banhart on repeat.
With the occasional Nicki Minaj. Gotta have that.
This Saturday is Cheese Days in Monroe, Wisconsin. I still can't believe we're driving 2 and a half hours to gorge on cheese........sounds reasonable.
I keep wanting to peel my fingernails off. It's been one of 'those' days.
Peanut went to the doctor today, she ain't got nothin but a wiener dawg cold. THANK GOD.

I noticed that Alyse has yet to update. I guess it's understandable. She is going to real college..
Man I can't wait to leave fake college. 4 years of high school were enough hell. I can't believe I'm forced to go through 2 more years. I wish I could sneak Peanut in.

Well I'm out of things to add.

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