Sunday, September 19, 2010

Is it Christmas yet?

Yesterday I was forced to wake up at 8am to go to the last hellhole party of the year: The Farmer's Market. It was cold and windy and I was wearing 3 jackets and I was still freezing. There were so many soccer moms and old women I was going to scream. We brought Peanut which turned out to be a bad idea because every time we stopped, a brigade of about 8 old women circled around us. They were all really nice but after the 3rd time of repeating "She's three months, no she won't get any bigger, yes she still pees on the carpet" I was tired and ready to go home.
After satan's market, I went to school with Alex where we finished our pots. They are reallllyy good. I finally got some pictures of our Grade A artwork. I think our incredible playlist brought out the inner Picasso in us.

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